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The Fort Vallonia Museum is filled with artifacts and history of Vallonia and the surrounding area. Learn more about Vallonia's heritage and how the town has progressed through the years. Although it does not maintain normal operating hours, feel free to contact Cheryl Stidam at 812.358.3286 to schedule any viewings, field trips, or general tours. The Fort Vallonia Museum IS open Fort Vallonia Days weekend, so be sure to stop by and learn more about the history of our little town on your next trip through southern Indiana!




Vallonia was settled by the French in the late 1700's. Around 1810, the Indians became belligerent toward the settlers. At that time General William Henry Harrison, then Governor of Indiana, ordered a fort built to protect the 90 families in the area. As records tell us, there were no actual pictures taken of the fort, but descriptions and specifications of the fort have been preserved in public records.

In 1968, several interested men began talking about rebuilding a replica of the old Fort at their bi-monthly meeting of the local Lions Club. From this, the idea snow-balled. In 1969, the first Fort Vallonia Day celebration brought 3,000 fun seeking folk to little Vallonia. The museum was dedicated and the posts were set to swing the gates for the fort in 1972. The addition of a pavilion with a stage was built in 1985. 1991 brought the completion of the Garrison House in the center of the fort grounds.

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